Snow Day at 36 Weeks

We went on a walk around the entire block (my longer distance these days) as the snow began to fall yesterday afternoon. Then we went to J&S for some warmth and Italian comfort food. Watching the snow fall from the large windows in the restaurant, Jimmy and I held hands across the table and he let me sneak a few sips of his dark beer.

 We came home and cuddled up with hot chocolate for a few hours and then went back out into the night and snow. There wasn’t a single car or person outside on our street. It was just the crunch of our boots and the slight sound of the wind. The snow covered the ground and was accumulating in the outstretched, bare branches of our neighbor’s huge maple trees. We both grabbed handfuls and ate the fresh powder like kids and dreamt a little about our own kid coming into this world.

This morning I was up before the sun, and I lay in bed listening to the quiet of no one on the road and my dog snoring in his bed beside me; my husband deep in sleep. I crept to the front room and opened all the blinds and watched as the daylight revealed our white yard. Jimmy left out a bowl for snowcream and it was filled to the brim with untouched snow, which we will mix with sugar and milk and vanilla.

We are drinking coffee now and making plans for the day. I’ve seen a few cars come down our street now, but not a single person has walked by. A snow day is perfect for me right now. Everything is paused, waiting, much like I am in these last few weeks of pregnancy. It feels as if today is a long deep breath before we turn into the last leg of this journey and begin something entirely new and unknown.

snow baby snow cream snow view


2 thoughts on “Snow Day at 36 Weeks

  1. I love that you loved the pause. Sometimes the world just feels like a constant whir. It is so exhausting. Good to pause and look around and be filled with gratitude. This is prayer.

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