You Look Good

People have started saying a version of this comment to me as I begin to show more and more. It’s interesting. I don’t totally know what to think of it. I think some women say it because they felt unattractive and uncomfortable when pregnant and they want to make me feel good. It’s a nice gesture.

I think this comment might also translate to: You haven’t gained that much additional weight, yet. Don’t worry, you still look like you, they are saying.

It’s almost always women who make these comments, reassuring me of my beauty. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate it. However, it’s kind of strange too.

Obviously, your body changes a lot throughout pregnancy, and while some women feel “fat,” many enjoy their new roundness.

I think what has changed the most about how I view my own body during pregnancy is its utility. While female bodies are more often viewed as objects, male bodies are more about utility and use. Now, though, my body is a tool. It is making and building a baby all the time. While pregnancy belongs to women and should be seen as feminine, there is a power and masculinity to it as well.

I think other women want to affirm your femininity and make you feel good by complimenting your looks during pregnancy. It is kind, and I appreciate it. But maybe we should start to say: You look powerful.

What did you do today? I’m building a brain. šŸ˜‰


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