Quiet Winter Evenings

As winter comes on and the days end sooner, Jimmy and I have quietly realized our time as just us, a couple, without a child, is coming to a close. And it makes for gratitude in small moments together. We don’t have much money to spend as we save for the baby, so we can’t treat each other like we’d like to. However, tonight was just about perfect. I was reading a new short story collection and Jimmy put on Frank Sinatra in the kitchen as he began dinner. The smell of pizza crust started to fill the house, I got up to join him in the kitchen. Without talking, we began dancing with this growing bump between us. We twirled and twisted and dipped between our kitchen counters.

Then I sat down to write a while as he finished the last touches of dinner, and I can hear him opening kitchen drawers and clinking spoons. There’s a comfort in these quiet evenings and a sweetness as we anticipate our baby and also hold on to the last months of just us.


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