Honoring New Mothers

My sister has a four-month-old baby boy and a two-year-old daughter. When I go to visit her, my time is filled with joy, but I feel like it’s midnight at 8 PM. I am in awe of her and her husband. Her days are full of breastfeeding, rocking a baby to sleep, and keeping the alertness that a two-year-old requires, which in itself is enough to make you feel like you’ve visited an amusement park for seven hours in the summer heat all day.

But she delights in her babies. Coos at her sweet boy. Sings the praises of breastfeeding even though she is working full-time and pumping and doing that balancing act.

I know she isn’t very different from most new mothers, but it’s amazing and new to me. I’ve never known someone so intimately and watched their transformation into motherhood before. My sister is still my sister, yet she is a completely new being with more patience and love than ever before; all the good parts have been enhanced. And I know this didn’t happen magically because patience must grow when you’re up every two hours for months, but there is a magic to it, this shift in her.

So today I am thankful for my sister and new mothers. You inspire me.


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