2012: The Best of Everything

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, and I’m okay with that. I took a technical writing class this semester and then the holidays hit. I’m giving myself a break. I’m going to be even lazier and write a year in review of everything, not just books or music or food, just my top everything of 2012.

Here it is:

1. Kelly Hogan is my top new artist of 2012. She’s been the lead back-up singer for Neko Case for years and finally came out with her second album, I Like to Keep Myself in Pain. We saw her and Neko perform at the art museum this year. What a great show! I highly recommend her album, especially “Golden.”

2. Junot Diaz. I know I’m late to the game on him, but damn that man can write. His new book just came out and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


3. Sweet potatoes. This has been the year of sweet potatoes. I thought all you could do was bake them or make sweet potato chips. I was so wrong. I make black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, SP chili, SP breakfast with cinnamon and nuts inside. They are just marvelous.


4. My new Southern writer for this year is Josephine Humphreys. I heard her give a talk and reading at a conference I attended this fall. I immediately picked up Dreams of Sleep and read it in a week. I can’t wait to read everything else she’s written.

5. Slate’s podcasts. I’ve mentioned them in a post earlier this year. Slate’s podcasts have transformed my commutes into comical, educational journeys. I also get lots of great ideas for the classroom from them. Double X, the feminist podcast, and the Culture Gabfest, the popculture critic podcast, are my absolute favorite. Listening to three highly educated people dissect the goings-on of the Kardashians is bliss for me.

coconut-oil-DSC_17186. Coconut Oil. Y’all, this shit is amazing. You can cook with it and condition your hair with it. Give it to your dog for dry skin. Put a spoonful in your bath water for your own skin. I can’t get over it. Here are 160 uses for coconut oil.


7. Anna Karenina. I’m finally reading it for the first time. Tolstoy’s ability to describe complex, flawed humans and their emotions is untouchable. You will love and hate every character in this book. I feel so connected to these characters, I would defend them in a bar fight. How cool would it be if that actually happened?

8. Tulsi tea. It makes me feel calm and focused. It tastes good. It is holy basil, for goodness sakes.

9. This song. God bless Mavis Staples’ voice.

into the abyss

10. I watch a lot of documentaries, so it is really difficult to pick a favorite. I’ll have to name my top four of 2012, which can all be found on Netflix: The Invisible War, First Position, Into the Abyss, & Dive!


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