Gratitude List: Thanksgiving 2012

I make gratitude lists in the evenings when I need to remind myself of all my blessings, or sometimes just on the back of a receipt at a stoplight. They are quick lists that give me perspective. I allow myself to write anything that comes to mind, from the important to the seemingly inconsequential. And on Thanksgiving, it is only right and proper to make a gratitude list:

1. Tulsi tea
2. My co-workers, who are honest and helpful
3. Sharon Olds’ poetry
4. Bon Iver & Kathleen Edwards
5. Finding dog bones on clearance at Petsmart
6. My education
7. My husband’s gentle and patient spirit
8. Sweet potatoes and black beans
9. Spell check
10. My mom finding her sweetheart

11. Arthur sunning in the window
12. Being able to move freely
13. Scarves
14. Slate’s podcasts

15. My niece saying Aunt May May for the first time



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