Top Ten Reasons YOU Should Vote:

1. If you don’t participate, then you can’t hate.
2. Everyone who disagrees with your views is betting on you NOT voting.
3. You get a sticker.
4. In the 2008 presidential election, only 21% of people between 18-25 voted.
5. If you’re a woman, you didn’t even have the choice to vote 100 years ago.
6. If you’re an African-American in NC, you couldn’t have voted 50 years ago without passing a literacy test and paying a poll tax.
7. You have to suffer through the TV advertisements anyway.
8. More than 1.3 million American soldiers have died to preserve your right to vote.
9. Your vote truly COUNTS. Only 0.3% separated Obama from McCain in NC in 2008.
10. Nearly 90% of the world doesn’t have the right that you do, to vote freely.


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