A Chickpea Love Affair

The Golden Ones

One thing I quickly learned about a veggie diet was the importance of beans, but I started out mainly using black beans. I shunned chickpeas. They were the other. Oh, how I see the error in my ways. Chickpeas are versatile in texture, subtle yet rich in flavor, and cheap as all get out. I like them dry or from a can, Sam-I-Am.

Here are just a few things we love to make with chickpeas at our house:

1. Falafels! Falafels are like Middle Eastern hushpuppies. Can you say awesome sauce?

Falafel three ways! Fried, baked, and baked inside a pastry.

2. Chickpea Tacos! You boil the chickpeas for just a few minutes, then saute them with taco seasoning. Treat them like ground beef and add whatever else you want to the taco. Crunchy and delicious. Here is a great recipe from Happy Herbivore.

3. Chickpeas make hummus. Enough said. Okay, well I’ll say just a little more…Add basil and you’ve got pesto hummus. Add Sriracha and you’ve got spicy hummus. The options are endless.

Chickpeas can be crunchy or creamy, and are always cheap. Now tell me what’s wrong with that? A whole lot of nothing.


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