6 Signs You Are a Crazy English Teacher

And when I say you, I mean me.

1. When you ask a cashier how are you? and she actually answers “I’m doing well,” you immediately congratulate her on answering correctly and clap your hands together (just for a second).

2. You pull off the road at random churches on highway 43 to take photos of their sign’s grammatical errors.

3. You have actually edited the Bible without realizing it. Hey, it was right there and very wordy!

4. You watch the Super Bowl for the sole purpose of applying literary theory to the commercials.

5. You base the speed at which you respond to e-mails on the quality of the writing inside each message. No capitalization equals a very slow response.

6. You’ve dedicated a Facebook post to ranting about grammar. By the way, please stop confusing your and you’re on Facebook! And is it really that difficult to spell out the word YOU? ; )


5 thoughts on “6 Signs You Are a Crazy English Teacher

  1. Another sign is when you find yourself editing the post called “6 Signs You Are a Crazy English Teacher!” Specifically, “cashier” disagrees with “their.” Eek! 😉

  2. Applying literary/social theory to commercials is one of my favorite pastimes, and one of the only reasons I was watching TV for awhile. 🙂 (Now, I have netflix hooked up to my TV so I don’t have to deal with those pesky commercials; a little sad, but it also means I have more than three channels to choose from!)

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