I Won’t Watch Star Wars!

Yes, I don’t want to watch Star Wars. Get over it. I’ve seen one of them; it’s not for me. You can all de-friend me now.

My strong opposition to watching the other Star Wars films really paid off for me this year, though. Jimmy and I decided to participate in a weight loss challenge at the beginning of this year. We even wrote up a contract; shit was serious.

The terms of engagement:

We both had to lose 15 pounds by April 1st.

If I lost the 15 pounds and he didn’t, I could wax his eyebrows and he owed me $100. (I desperately want to wax his eyebrows!)

If he lost the 15 pounds and I didn’t, he could make me watch all the Star Wars movies whenever he wanted and I owed him $100.

If we both lost the 15 pounds, we got to go on a weekend getaway to the Grove Park Inn.

If we both failed to lose 15 pounds, we owed $200 to a charity. (I know this shouldn’t really be a punishment, but money is tight, so this was serious stuff.)

Sitting down and writing a contract, and then telling our friends about it, really raised the stakes. And guess what?

We both lost 16 pounds by April 1st!

I don’t have to watch Star Wars!


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