It’s Happening!

Matters of Record, my first chapbook, is in the pre-release stage. This means you can go ahead and reserve your copy. I need to sell at least 55 copies by April for the book to be printed, so please don’t wait. April is National Poetry Month, but I say start celebrating now!

Thanks for all your feedback on the cover art and author photos. The publishers agreed with your picks! I can’t wait for you to hold the finished product.

Why should you order the book right now?

1. You’re my friend.

2. You love poetry.

3. You like Law & Order.

4. It costs less than three gallons of gas for your car, yet it will last much longer.

5. You love a story that makes you hold your breath with suspense.

6. You like similes and metaphors.

7.You’re a sucker for emotionally resonating stories.

8. You’re my mother.

9. You are fascinated by the motivations behind murder.

10. You like to learn about people and history.

Click here to order Matters of Record.

Check out my page dedicated to Matters of Record, and you can read what other writers are saying about the book.


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