French Toast for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a poem written by me for my husband. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, Jimmy!






You are making french toast as I write.

You’ve put coffee on, and then you leave

a hot cup by my side with the cream still swirling.

You sing along with such sincerity

to one of the horrible TV music stations

as I write. You think I have a gift.

All I have

that you don’t have

is you

to make breakfast and coffee

and know all the words

to an unmemorable Springsteen song.


4 thoughts on “French Toast for Valentine’s Day

      • So true, but still. This got me in the heartmeat!

        (And thanks about the blog. I’m having fun. If I had an extra four hours a day I’d be updating a lot more often, but, you know. Sleeping’s fun too.)

  1. Good thoughts for the day, Megan! It is a rare gift to appreciate the unheralded talents that endear us to our loved ones in unnoticed ways. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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