My favorite, free entertainment,

besides watching videos of babies laughing on YouTube, is a free podcast! I started listening to podcasts about five years ago, and they now take up the majority of my time in the car and on my iPod and probably in a lot of my conversations. I credit podcasts for getting me outside and walking most days. I know, I wish it was just a love of nature! But it is more likely to be one of the following fabulous and free podcasts:

This American Life: I’ve learned more from this show than I did in all four years of high school. That was probably my own fault in high school, but what I mean is this show speaks my language. In laymen terms they explain concepts like the mortgage crisis, job creation, etc. Beyond the big issue explanations, this show has good storytelling going on at all times. There are several people who have seen me laughing out loud or boo-hooing while attempting to speed walk with my Boston terrier down the street. Talk about free entertainment!

P.S. I also have a little crush on the host, Ira Glass.



The Moth: this podcast is pure storytelling, told live and without notes. The stories can come from well-known people but usually come from regular people who just have a story to tell. The stories can be really funny or heartbreaking or awe-inspiring. These are short and perfect for a drive across town.

Sex Nerd Sandra– This is a new favorite. Sandra Daugherty, a sex educator based in LA, talks everything sex. She is just so quirky and nerdy and funny. I just know if we met we’d be friends. She has a co-host, Dave Ross, who is a comedian and pretty hilarious. However, this podcast is not for the prude. It can get pretty raunchy up in there, or as Sandra would say, very sex positive.

Savage Love– Dan Savage is a well-known sex and relationship advice columnist, and this is the podcast version of his column. Savage is blunt, clever, funny, and unpredictable. I just love to hear what he’ll say next. If Sex Nerd is too much for you, don’t even try Savage Love.

Splendid Table- I like to listen to this when I’m in the mood to pretend I’m rich, seriously. I feel like everyone who can actually afford to shop at Fresh Market probably listens to this podcast daily. I use it as a peek into the other world of cooking, where price doesn’t matter, nor diet restrictions.

This woman spends more on her groceries than I make in a month.

The Dinner Party Download- this is a fun one. The basis of the podcast is to give you information for your next dinner party, so a joke, a cocktail recipe, the latest weird news, etc. It’s just fun and easy listening.

RadioLab: They explain difficult, interesting scientific and philosophical concepts through storytelling and interviews. The two hosts are pretty great as well. Just give this one a shot. Recently they tackled the question, Are humans inherently evil? They ask some big questions and actually find some answers.

Go to iTunes, search the name of the podcast, and download. It won’t cost you a cent, just a few minutes of time. You can thank me later.


4 thoughts on “My favorite, free entertainment,

  1. Whole foods, fresh market= PMS cure–
    this whole post makes me feel perfectly technologically defunct!–I need a class. 🙂
    Hell—I need an {I} something..I guess… ??

    • I know, Whole Foods is like therapy for me.

      You don’t need a class. Do you have iTunes? You can download it for free. It’s totally worth the little bit of hassle. I use a lot of what I find in my English classes as well.

  2. Hi Megan! I’m a friend of Jimmy’s from Kinston, and clicked over from fb to read your Best of 2012 posts. Podcasts are my new favorite free entertainment, and based on your list I thought I’d share one of my top two (along with This American Life): Pop Culture Happy Hour. Check it out if you haven’t already. I’ve subscribed to several you listed. Thanks for the suggestions! I love reading your blog. Sounds like you and Jimmy are great together!

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