Judge My Book By Its Cover

Okay, the author photo has been decided. Thanks for your feedback! Number four it is.

Now to the hardest decision– cover art. Once again this is a low budget endeavor. Actually, a free one since my good friend Chris Samia designed these for me. I think the publisher gets the final choice, but I can strongly suggest one over another. I would be very interested to hear what catches your eye. What would make you pick up a book of poems?

These poems focus on women who have been executed in the US over the past 100 years. Keep the theme in mind as you view the cover choices. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Judge My Book By Its Cover

    • I should explain more.

      1) When I look at it, I read the title, instantly, and am drawn to the image.
      2) The fact that the words are over the eyes works really well for the content of the poetry and says something to me about your art and craft. The words are how you “see” in these poems; you’re getting into the minds and spaces of these women– their worlds, their “vision”– but it acknowledges also that it is first and foremost your vision, your poetry– a reconstruction. It’s humble!
      3) The placement of your name as author is perfect, because it sets you in solidarity, and not judgment. Placing yourself on level, in the shoes of, whatever, with the convicted criminals. Again, humility.
      4) Gorgeous contrast between “Matters of Record” — so sterile, impartial — and the disturbingly young-looking girl, her hair, her glasses– all so human. It hurts the heart just looking at it. (Or am I just biased having read all the wonderful poems about to go in there???)

      Sorry for the long-winded-ness. Just wanted to give my thinking!

  1. Megan, how exciting! I like cover 2. Personally, it has mystery. It draws me not only by aesthetics, but thought. Cover 2 makes me wonder about the woman. Could she really be convicted of a crime so heinous as to be sentenced to death? It makes me want to know more. I like cover 3 as well, but it personally makes me think guilty case closed, which is an issue in itself! Apparently, I need not be on a jury! HA. Chris did a great job.

  2. I like cover one because the title is across her eyes and you can’t tell her identity…I also like cover three with the handcuffs. I think cover one would catch my attention the most. I would have an immediate understanding that this was about female criminals….and that topic could go in one thousand different directions. For those readers who wouldn’t at all be interested in criminals then cover three would be the best….it’s catchy but vague…intriguing. So how’s that for NOT a definite answer.

  3. immediately i liked the middle photo because i like the contrast of the lady’s dark eyes and the wild hair, but i agree with what y’all said about the other photo cover. i like the band across the eyes with the title and also how your name is featured on that cover.
    what do you think about this? take the title strategy and name card from the first picture to the second picture. i think the profile adds to the sort of “prison” feel of that one.

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