Help Me Pick an Author Pic!

Finishing Line Press has accepted my chapbook Matters of Record for publication. The chapbook biz does not have deep pockets, at all. This is low budget production. Shocker. There isn’t much money in poetry! We do it for the love of language. Therefore, a lot of my marketing and photography is left to me. I have to develop cover art for the front and an author photo for the back of the chapbook. Jimmy and I went out last weekend and took a few shots. Let me know which one you think I should use. The book focuses on some very dark material, so I don’t know how smiley I should go…



14 thoughts on “Help Me Pick an Author Pic!

  1. I pick number 4. It’s pleasant without being cheesy, plus I like the perspective. You think my poetry is deep? Check out this forest I am standing in! 🙂

  2. Yer so cute, you can’t go wrong! I don’t know what you look like in person, so I have no idea which most looks like Real You, but: I vote #1! Your face has character. #3 looks serious.

  3. i like the 2nd one, the middle one in the top row. good looking straignt into the camera, which i assume reflects what you have done with your poetry…look straight at whatever

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