Letters for Christmas

One of my favorite gifts to give or receive is a letter. It’s free, heartfelt, and rare these days.

My immediate family and I have decided not to give material gifts this year. However, I still feel the need to give them something, and as a writer, of course, I think words are just about the best gift you can give anyone. I am going to try and write a Christmas letter to each of my family members. I don’t have any “topic” or “theme,” just whatever comes to mind. I think Christmas is a time to pause, give thanks, reflect on the past year, and be generous. I hope to do this in my “Christmas letters.”

They will not be generic or sent in mass. Each letter will be written individually for each family member. I secretly hate those generic Christmas letters because they are like one long Facebook status, completely unrealistic in terms of what is actually happening in someone’s life. “Billy made the varsity team this year!” Billy also stole his parents’ car for a midnight cruise one night and took out the neighbor’s fence, but you don’t hear about these things in the letter.

I also kind of miss writing Santa a letter, so I need to write someone during the holidays…


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