Curvy Queens

I like my curves. My husband loves them. However, society as a whole seems to have a problem. I know this isn’t a revelation, but sometimes I just get riled up about it.

This post is an ode to voluptuous ladies. The thicky, thicky ones. Bootylicious, you know what I mean?

Marilyn was a size 12. If you go to Target today, look at the racks. Size 10s and 12s are the ones they run out of; the x-smalls are plentiful. Curvy girls are the majority, but that’s not what the media tells us.

Need I say more about the beauty of hips and flesh on a woman? Okay, I’ll go on.







Adele says, “I don’t make music for the eyes. I make music for the ears.” However, I think she is pretty easy on the eyes with full lips, beautiful skin, and a full figure.


I know she’s crossed over into the stick world now, but Jennifer Hudson looked good with her curves. I miss them…






And while Victoria Secret’s models can bare their thin legs and flat tummies, ABC and FOX didn’t want to broadcast this Lane Bryant ad, featuring a curvy, beautiful woman:


2 thoughts on “Curvy Queens

  1. Megan, you know this is so true. Have you seen any pictures of the {hot} ladies, and they
    have those muscles that only men have–the ones right below your hip bones???
    ugh!! That is very non-feminine.
    I feel better when I have meat on my bones, and I even get to eat!! yippie! 🙂

  2. As much as I walk/run/swim, I hope my ass and my hips never go.

    As my grandmother told me, “these are baby makin’, booty shakin’ hips!” Now she may have watched too much dirty dancing, but who can say no to what grandma says!

    Curvaceous ladies unite!

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