Stuffed and Fried: NC State Fair

We went to the state fair yesterday in the middle of the day, and it was raining lightly. It couldn’t have been better fair weather; we didn’t wait in a line for anything. I didn’t even brush up against anyone. Although as we were leaving, around 6, crowds were getting larger.

I don’t care for amusement park rides, so I care even less for fair rides. As I watched parents send their little ones on the “circles of fire,” I thought about what a control freak I would be with my own kids, considering watching someone else’s kid ride was enough to make my heart jump up in my throat. “Our kids can ride the ferris wheel and they might have to be on those horrible leashes,” I said to Jimmy. Though, I don’t think he heard me because someone with a giant turkey leg was walking by.

The lack of interest in rides, really the aversion to rides, leaves my focus on one thing only–the food. Maybe my heart jumping up in my throat wasn’t due to nerves but to the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had just eaten.

My two favorites parts of the fair are the creativity with the foods and the unembarrassed way people eat these foods in public.

I will state, with only a hint of shame, that I ate the following foods in a three hour period:

1. Fried PBJ

2. Al’s French Fries

3. Fried Macaroni and Cheese

4. Southern Red Hot Dog

5. A bite of Jimmy’s fried moon pie

6. Samples of bbq sauce, etc.

7. 6 mini hot homemade doughnuts

Hey, I held myself back from the fried chocolate chip cookie dough…which I regret slightly.

Once we were about to pop, we went to go see the livestock and vegetables. I love the little piglets! They remind me of Arthur, our dog. I had a moment with a dairy goat when I sincerely thanked her for the goat cheese. “Really, it’s my favorite,” I told her.

I gawked at the gigantic pumpkins and watermelons and asked, “Do they feed them special fertilizer or does this just happen? Does a farmer see a promising vegetable and start to groom it like a little league player’s dad?” I was full of child-like wonder.

All in all, the fair was splendid. I don’t ever expect to like it, but then I do.

I’m ready for that cookie dough next year.












3 thoughts on “Stuffed and Fried: NC State Fair

  1. As you know, we went to the fair yesterday.. We didn’t ride any of those sketchy rides either.. But I did enjoy fried Mac & cheese, deep fried kool-aid and my personal favorite deep fried reeses cups.. Heaven!

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