Lessons from Living Without a Home

We might get camels or a yurt like the real nomads.

As you may know, Jimmy and I are a bit displaced right now. We’re waiting for our house to sale, so we will finally have the money to permanently relocate in the triangle-area. Meanwhile, we are renting a room from some friends for now in Fuquay-Varina.

It’s nice and cozy, but it’s not home. However, I truly don’t know where home is any longer. It’s been over a month since I’ve had one. Jimmy and I have become our own traveling home. This nomadic, simplified existence has taught me some lessons.

  1. I really only need a ¼ of the clothes I own. I have four pairs of dress pants, four dresses, ten tops, one pair of jeans, and some lounge clothes with me. I’ve gotten by fine, and I’ve had to attend a wedding, music festival, and start a new job with this wardrobe! The beauty of this system is I can actually SEE what I have because it isn’t too crowded and overwhelming. You may have already figured out this concept. I’m slow sometimes…
  2. We have a lot more money when we’re poor. We are now paying our mortgage and rent. Where did this money come from? Not from a huge change in income, I can tell you that. It’s amazing what you can find when you look for it. We combined car insurance, cut out gym memberships (they came with our jobs), rarely eat out, and even using coupons a little. It’s tight, but we’re making it. This transition has forced us to look at where every penny goes. I don’t think we’ll ever spend money so loosely again.
  3. Home is where the heart is. I know it’s a cliché. But I truly don’t feel that displaced when Jimmy still walks through the same door as I do. We’re still cooking, reading, walking, and waking up together. He’s my constant.

Mainly, it’s been a lesson in re-evaluating what brings me peace and a sense of home beyond the material things and walls that make a house. My writing, my husband, my connection to friends, and a good walk outside are all possible from anywhere.

**The only thing that I can’t even remotely adjust to is not having Arthur with us. The pup is staying with my in-laws where he is loved lots, but he can’t greet me when I walk through the door.**


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