Hot Yoga: Sweatastic!

This past weekend my friend Jennifer took me to HOT yoga. She told me it would be really hot and that I needed to drink lots of water the night before and that I would okay. She tried to scare me a little, but I didn’t really believe her. I’m tough. I can do hot yoga.

If I had actually understood the weight of what she was trying to tell me, I probably wouldn’t have gone…I also probably would not have had that glass of wine…

It is stifling-claustrophic-hard-to-breathe hot. When I walked in I realized I just joined a group of crazy people. Why would anyone subject themselves to this? Did I mention the class is an hour and a half? Did I mention the teachers takes “first timers” out to have a pep talk with them before the class begins? Her main advice was, “Today you just try to stay in the room. If you leave, I’ll have to follow to make sure you’re okay. Today, just stay in the room.” So “stay in the room” was my chant for the class.

I walked back into the 104 degree room and immediately wanted to run the other way. The class opened with a vigoruous breathing exercise. I was soaked five minutes in. I mean dripping sweat into my ears and eyes with my shirt complete drenched.

However, I did get into a kind of trance. It was like something only a drug could do to your body. Yoga is about breath, and I had to focus on my breath to get my body and mind through those 90 minutes. Hot yoga is a mental exercise more than a physical one. The instructor gave us pep talks throughout our movements. She was like a granola drill seargant.

When I walked outside the studio’s doors, the breeze had never felt so good, and I felt proud. I really fought against myself and stuck it out. I felt refreshed, detoxified, and thirsty!

If you get the change to try hot yoga, you should. I went to Open Door Yoga, which is a really cool studio because they take however much you can give for payment. It’s open to anyone.

Here’s their description of the class:

Hot 90

The Hot Yoga class is a 90 minute class consisting of a series of 26-32 postures and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated room; designed to balance every system, gland and organ in the body, it will change your body from the inside out.

You will sweat, stretch, strengthen and smile broadly at what you are capable of! All classes are taught by certified and experienced teachers who know how to guide and support students at any level.

Be warned that this class is addictive and known to change lives!



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