“Million Dollar Breeze” and other Mama sayings….

In honor of my mother on this special day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes, pieces of advice, and moments with her. My mother is a strong woman, who has grown over time, and has a way with words. Sometimes, I think she should be the writer.

* Growing up, when it was really hot outside and a cool wind would blow from nowhere, my mom would sigh and say, “million dollar breeze.” She took pleasure in this small bit of relief. I loved to hear her say it, but she saved this saying for only the best, most needed breezes.

* As I grew older, whenever I felt nervous about a new job or interview, my mom would say, “They’re lucky to have you.” She meant it, too. I chanted this phrase to myself the first time I entered the classroom as a teacher. It got me through.

* Growing up, if we started to complain about being bored, she’d tell us to “go pull some weeds.” You didn’t let yourself whine about being bored too often. She believed in children playing outside.

* Another thing that I am truly thankful for is that my mom never pushed being “girly” on me. One time, when I was about six or so, a neighbor called to report that “your daughter is running around without a shirt on” to my mother. My mom asked her, “Is the little boy she’s playing with shirtless?” Well, the answer was yes. She let me run wild with the boys and be tomboy if I wanted to.

* My mama let me lick the cake batter clean out of a bowl. Thank goodness!

* She would make whatever birthday cake you wanted. Anything you asked for. One year she made me a cake in the shape of a butterfly, and Suzanna got a “gumball” cake another year.

* She made all our Halloween outfits by hand. Whatever we wanted, from a hot air balloon to a carrot. She let our imaginations run wild, and she would create it.

Now, as an adult, my gratitude only grows for her. What I admire most is the way she’s changed and evolved over time. I see a model in her of the ability to always grow in life if you will only be open and aware. You never know what each year, week, day, will  bring. No wonder I am a firm believer in the learning process. My mom has shown me how to embrace it. She’s not just my mom. She’s become a community leader, a kayaker, a romantic, a Floyd fest veteran, a best friend to many. Her life didn’t stop with being a mother. I think that’s what makes her such a good one.


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