A few new good foodie things

Greenville is always improving in terms of its restaurant scene. Here are a few places that have opened up in the past year that are worth checking out:

Copper and Vine: On the second floor of the Jefferson’s building, you can look out the window on “uptown.” They have an amazing wine and beer selection along with signature cocktails like the “Lemon Basil Crush” that I love. I haven’t tried too much food here, but I did have a thai wrap with a peanut sauce to die for.

Cafe Duo: This is a quaint neighbordhood restuarant. Cafe Duo is an intimate place with great service and fair wine prices. Their pasta is amazing, and one of the only places down south that I’ve seen serve Tagliatelle Bolognese. You see bolognese, but not with the traditional tagliatelle-style noodle. Seafood is good, too.

Coffee Shack: A local, independent coffee house! No Starbucks in sight. This place has a great atmosphere from the potted plants out front to the cozy interior. Not only do they serve great coffee, but they have wine, too. Do you see a theme in my recommendations? Live music as well.


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