Published! A Flash Fiction Piece

Flash fiction aka short-short fiction is a genre that I love to write in. It was the first genre of fiction I ever attempted after writing poetry for many years. They are short pieces, usually under a 1,000 words. What I like about flash fiction is the economy of words. You have to do a lot with a little. It’s like a marriage between poetry and prose in my opinion.

One of my flash fiction pieces appeared in Smokelong Quarterly’s newest edition, so please give it a read and let me know what you think.

You can also read the interview, which explains some of my writing process and ideas.

The photo that goes along with my essay was taken by my very good friend, Chris Samia. It was wonderful to get to collaborate with an old friend.

Thanks to the writers that critiqued this piece and gave me advice. Kevin Casey, I remember you in particular helped me with the opening.

It takes a village to write (and publish) a story…


5 thoughts on “Published! A Flash Fiction Piece

  1. Nice interview, too. I am laboring over an interview for another online journal. How did you answer those questions a) without feeling ridiculous b) without sounding affected and c) while reconciling what you wanted to say with how you wanted to say it?! I would take this discussion offline if I could. Ack! The questions are due tomorrow, and I’m only on my fourteenth or fifteenth rewrite!

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