Blessing Way: A Celebration of Birthing

I was honored to participate in a Blessing Way for my sister Suzanna this week. I’d never even heard of a Blessing Way until my mom explained the celebration to me. A Blessing Way is about celebrating and honoring the birthing process and motherhood. It’s not about gifts or baby clothes or diaper cakes (although all those things are fun).

The Blessing Way consisted of three wonderful activities:

1. A Blessing Circle, where each woman (only six of us) brought a reading, story, or blessing to the circle. We lit a candle and shared our piece. I wrote a poem. My mom told the story of Suzanna’s birth. We heard a story about the birthing traditions in East Africa. It was a sweet moment and learning experience. How often do you sit around with an amazing group of women and just talk about the wonders of motherhood and birth? I felt proud to be a woman.

2. We all participated in making a belly cast. This is the first time I’d really touched a pregnant belly. Wow! This cast will dry and it becomes a bowl. You can paint it, display it, or just keep it for a memory.

3. Prayer flags. We all wrote a blessing, advice, or affirmation for Suzanna during the birth process. She’ll have the flags hanging in her birthing room to cheer her on!

I learned so much from the stories these women told, and it got me excited for motherhood! However, not excited enough for it to be happening soon. 😉


One thought on “Blessing Way: A Celebration of Birthing

  1. I love this idea! I had a really good friend who explained childbirth to me–in the way one needs to understand it before one gives birth.
    Anyway..I just soaked it all up–it really gave me confidence in my body’s ability.
    Good luck to your sister!! 🙂
    You need to just go ahead and soak it up too, Megan. ;).
    Now, she will need some baby stuff too..those pregnancy hormones make playing with all of the baby stuff really fun.

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