Zumba: Shake It!

One of my favorite activities is Zumba, which is technically a Latin-inspired fitness class, but I think dance party describes it better.

Zumba is a great workout with lots of cardio and calorie burning. However, I don’t even know I’m working out. It’s like the secret workout I’ve been looking for my whole life. It’s not a pain; it’s fun. Now if you don’t like working out, you’re rolling your eyes at that comment, which I understand. I’d be skeptical too.

Here are a few reasons why Zumba is more a dance party than a fitness class:

1. We laugh. That sounds way too simple, but I’ve never found another fitness class funny. We’re not laughing at each other either. We’re laughing out of joy. It’s pure fun.

2. It’s where I stay in touch with what the “cool kids” are listening to. In my everyday life, I listen to more independent, singer-songwriter artists. However, it’s a lot of fun to listen to the newest hip-hop and pop. I feel like I’m staying in touch with the teenager in me, who bought the En Vogue album the minute it came out. I just downloaded Sean Kingston and Usher, and I’m jamming as I write this post.

3. It’s a celebration of dance, our bodies, sexuality, and music. The only other place you could do this is the club. For the most part, I’m over the club. I did plenty of that in my early twenties. I missed dancing though. I missed shaking my booty. Now I have a place to let loose and dance. It’s even better than the club because there isn’t that added pressure of sizing each other up and who’s going to hit on whom. Zumba feels like a team sport, not a competition amongst individuals. Not to mention, you leave feeling exhilarated, not dehydrated.

4. I already mentioned this, but maybe you’ll believe me now; I don’t even know I’m working out. It’s like when you were a kid and just played and ran and sweated because that’s just what you did. You lose yourself. For an hour, I’m not aware of my mind, stress, worries. I’m only aware of my body and breath (rhythm). It’s kind of like a rockin’ meditation.

5. In terms of size, shapes, and colors, it’s the most diverse class at the gym. We are short on men in class, but a few are brave enough to join us. I like that Zumba brings people together that might not normally interact.

I have to give a shout out to Morgan, our teacher at Gold’s gym. Not every Zumba class is as great as ours. Morgan really puts her whole self into the class. Her spirit is contagious. She can also shake it!


One thought on “Zumba: Shake It!

  1. Love this! Zumba is so much fun.. Thanks for introducing me to it! I def need to shake it with you again soon! xo

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