I’m Writing About A Republican.

This posts came to fruition due to a post that my husband has in the works on his own blog. He told me that he would be writing about our meat CSA. I replied, but that’s the kind of thing that I would write about. He had claimed our meat CSA. I was at a lost. As a rebuttal, I decided to write about the State of the Union address, something he would write about. Yes, it’s childish, but it’s also fun to switch roles for a moment.

Of course, I didn’t pick up on anything that my husband would have in Obama’s speech. I didn’t really analyze policies or speech writing. I did admire that the republicans and democrats sat together. I think that’s the best idea they’ve had collectively in a looooong time. However, what I couldn’t stop watching and thinking about was John Boehner. Stick with me here if you don’t know who this is. It gets better, I think.

John Boehner, the speaker of the house, was the guy directly behind the President’s shoulder that looked like this:

The President has made a joke about Boehner being another “person of color.” He likes the tanning bed.






Okay, so with ALL that being held against him. During Obama’s speech, the man mainly looked like this:

Boehner is a crier. This got me totally off track from Obama’s actual speech and thinking about men who cry, who allow themselves to cry.

Our society has perpetuated the saying “real men don’t cry” for quite some time. I hope we’re slowly getting away from this stereotype, but it still exists in our culture. Therefore, it’s a different experience to view a man, a politician, on live television, tearing up. Men are still not “allowed” or “supposed” to cry, so it’s like they’re breaking this rule, and it’s wonderful! I find it kind of thrilling.

I’m fortunate enough to have many men in my life who cry in front of me. Yes, I said I was fortunate. Emotions don’t show weakness. That’s a load of bologna. Emotions are the physical output of how you feel.

My uncle, father, and husband have been known to tear up while watching a movie or listening to a touching story. I’m proud of that!

So, John Boehner, tonight was all about uniting democrats and republicans, and your tears did it for me. I don’t want to know how you feel about abortion or oil drilling in Alaska because right now I just like you for showing some vulnerability. Politics can always use some raw emotion. Some of you will argue these were crocodile tears, but I’m a pretty good read on emotions, and I think they were real. A democrat made a republican “happy cry” tonight. There’s hope for us yet.


2 thoughts on “I’m Writing About A Republican.

  1. I completely agree girl. It’s funny you wrote about this because my dad is always like, “that guy cries at the drop of a hat, he’ll cry over absolutely anything, blah blah blah” in a kind of picking on him kind of way. And so, I agree, we should look at it the other way! This man is taking a stance for men who cry! AMAZING!

    • Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the quote from your dad. My husband said something similar, which drew my attention to his crying in the first place, but I just found it endearing. He’s breaking gender norms….my definition of feminism.

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