Why You Should Take a Belated Honeymoon

We returned from our belated honeymoon in Puerto Rico last night…it was a long day of travel, yet a great one. We volunteered to wait two hours in standy-by in San Juan and received two roundtrip vouchers each. That’s four roundtrips anywhere Air Tran flies! It was a great gift to end our trip with, but I wasn’t that surprised. We felt charmed for just about our entire trip (except the scooter accident, which I’ll explain in a later post). We literally floated through Puerto Rico for the most part, meeting wonderful people, staying in great hotels, and eating good food. I have much to share about our belated honeymoon, but this post is going to be about why waiting for our honeymoon was a good choice for us. I’ll get to the nitty gritty details of the trip in my next post.

The Top Reasons to Delay Your Honeymoon:

1. We got to leave in January when we really need a break from winter. Now we’ve got some extra vitamen D and a tan to make it through until March. It was snowing in NC when we were landing in San Jaun!

2. We had time for our bank accounts to revive from the wedding depletions. I couldn’t imagine spending that chunk of change right after the wedding expenses.

3. It’s like we’ve been honeymooning for three months now. Waiting a little while prolongs the “just married” feeling. Of course, I also like getting late birthday presents. I want celebrations to last as long as possible. We had several “mini” honeymoons before our big trip.

4. We had time to focus and plan our honeymoon without the craziness of wedding planning. I could not have imagined really putting thought into this trip amongst the flowers, dress, etc. By waiting, we customized our trip for us and didn’t have to do an “all-inclusive” deal, which isn’t my style. I need control of hotels, restaurants, and tours that I want to attend.

5. After a wedding, you have gifts to unpack, thank you notes to write, and you’re just plain exhausted. I don’t know how much I could have relaxed the day after my wedding. There was so much to do, and we couldn’t ask our families to do it all. We left for our late honeymoon with the house clean and everything squared away.

6. You can accrue some more vacation days. Most of us take off a few days to a week for the wedding itself, and then you have to take off another week for the honeynmoon? I know it’s supposed to be all romantic, but the practical side is that’s a lot of time off from work. The “break” between wedding and honeymoon allowed time for a few more paid vacation days to be collected–another financial advantage.

Of course, a honeymoon on any day, week, or year is a good thing. We’re thinking about having another one April. Who said you only get one?


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