Personality Projects

In my last post, I vaguely mentioned my husband being an investigator. What I was referring to was his personality type under the enneagram system. This personality test has nine different types:

The Reformer (1), The Helper (2), The Achiever (3), The Individualist (4), The Investigator (5), The Loyalist (6), The Enthusiast (7), The Challenger (8), and The Peacemaker (9).

The Enneagram is all about NOT being defined by these labels though. We need to learn our “number,” so that we can grow and step outside of it. We need to recognize the box that we’ve put ourselves in for its positives and negatives.

I am a four, as many artists tend to be. Therfore, I am the individualist. I like to be different and express myself. I don’t like to conform. Feelings tend to be facts in my world.

I first took the enneagram test and read the chapter about my personality type sitting on the beach with my mom. I was reading the chapter and looked up to realize everyone else on the beach had turned their chairs to follow the sun except me. I had to be different! I realized how this can be a benefit, but it also causes me to be stubborn in ways that aren’t helpful. Everybody’s following the sun because they don’t want a lopsided tan. It makes sense! I forced myself to move my chair in the “right” direction, and my mom laughed loud when I explained why.

The enneagram will reveal elements of your personality to you. I know you make think this kind of thing is hokey (I did), but I’ve encouraged many friends to take the test and they all have a kind of ah-ha moment if they are at least open to it.

The beauty of the enneagram is you don’t get just one type. It tells you the other types you lean towards as well as your type’s characteristics when your acting healthy and unhealthy. For example, my type can get pretty self-centered and moody when I’m in an unhealthy place. Our identities are forever changing, and the enneagram leaves lots of wiggle room for growth.

I think the concept of “feeling as fact” was one of the most illuminating elements of my personality that I learned by taking this test. I’d never seen it worded that way, but it made totally sense in my mind. If I felt anything, then it was legitimate! Not true. Living life like an octopus with all my tentacles out ready to react is draining. I started to learn to set my feelings aside and try to look at situations with more logic, or at least wait until my feels subsided a little to make a decision.

I still listen to my instincts and love being a “feeler,” but I have found more of a balance by being aware of my personality type. It’s like I can see outside the frame of myself.

We’re all evolving all of the time. Try the test and report back to me about your type:


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