Hiring Someone to Clean Your House?

The past few months were a whirlwind in my life. I moved, started a challenging full-time job, and got married. Whew.

Those are all my disclaimers for having to admit that we hired someone to clean our house about a month ago. We called it our wedding-present-to-ourselves, when really it was more of an oh-shit-we-don’t-even-know-where-to-begin present. Our house had gotten away from us.

So we departed on the journey of finding someone (a saint) to give us a deep clean, a clean slate, to start from.

I was both exhilirated and embarrased at the thought of hiring someone to scrub my dirt. As a woman, I’ve been told by the TV that I am supposed to delight in the sparkle of Pledge, and I kind of do when I have time. However, I was working from noon-10 pm most days and watching Real Housewives when I got home sounded much better than picking up a rag (Guilty pleasure admitted there). But if I hired someone to clean, would I become one of those horrible women? Okay, that’s going a little far. I’m nowhere close to hiring four nannies.

There’s the class issue, and then there’s just the embarrasment issue. Someone would see the dirt in each crevass of each stair. Someone would see the futile battle we fight against dog hair.

The embarassment and shame didn’t win out in the end. The stress and energy drain of a dirty house weighed heavy enough that we hired someone. Jimmy did the research (he is a real investigator, more on that later).

Two nice-enough women showed up to my house one morning, smelling of smoke and cleaning products. We exchanged pleasantries; they asked if I was allergic to any products, and I got out of their way.

They didn’t complain about the mess or yell “Gross!” like I feared. They were efficient and kept to themselves. Clorox to the rescue! I thanked them a little too profusely when they left, and that was that.

Would I do it again? Heck yes! I wouldn’t for weekly cleaning, but I would for a deep, down clean twice a year. Maybe once in the spring and once in the winter.

I realized that these two women were just business women. This is their job, and they treat it as such. I’m just participating in the beauty of capitalism. Right? Our baseboards are clean. Enough said.


7 thoughts on “Hiring Someone to Clean Your House?

  1. Megan, I felt much the same way the first time Austin and I hired someone to clean our house. But, after she cleaned the first time, my feelings of wanting to do bodily harm to my husband (who was working too much to help clean a whole lot) subsided. i decided right then and there, that hiring someone to clean my house on a regular basis was good on many levels – someone gets to make more money in their job, i get a clean house (at least every 2 weeks), and i want to live and love my husband a little more. Savor the clean! – Kristen

  2. I have never known how I feel about this one either….
    I always think..maybe I should just clean {a little} before they come.
    Having the sheets all washed and changed–is absolutely the best!!

  3. I cannot belive you did this! Hahaha. Like you said it is professional…. I have thought about hiring someone a couple times a year but I have the same guilt that you once had. Besides I like cleaning (relieves stress for me) and if it doesn’t work out with nursing maybe that is what I can do!

    • I think you’re an amazing nurse, but you would have quite a career cleaning. That’s the difference between us–the words LIKE and CLEAN don’t go together for me.

  4. I’ve been brooding about hiring someone for thirty years and three different homes. My grandma was a cleaning person for Johnson & Johnson — the job supported her during her widowhood in WW II. My best buddy says she put herself through college this way, and I’m cheating someone out of an education! 🙂

    But… but… I can’t get over my feelings of guilt and shame in not just doing it myself. There’s also a fear of loss of privacy, and the expense, but mostly, I’m stuck on the shame thing — and that way, I get to be ashamed of having a dirty house, too! Agggghh. Confused much?

    And YES, I want that doormat but can’t find it for sale online.

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