Big City Blues

We just returned from a “mini-moon” (small honeymoon) in Charleston, SC. This was my first time truly making the rounds in Charleston. A big city with southern hospitality– we’re a match made in heaven.

We stayed at the Francis Marion across from Marion Square, where a Christmas festival took place on Saturday night. There was something exciting going on outside our window at all times. I was thrilled.

The main thing I learned about Charleston was you should, and can, eat your way through it. We ate at Basil’s, a Thai restaurant; Mercato, an Italian eatery; Kaminsky’s, a dessert place with foot long pieces of cake; Five Loaves, an organic, tasty sandwich shop; and Jestine’s for Jimmy’s fried chicken fix.

All of the wonderful food, stylish clothes, and music in the streets, make me antsy to move to a bigger city…


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