Santa vs. Scrooge

I am not a Christmas fanatic. In fact, Jimmy has compared me to Scrooge more than a few times.

I don’t like the annoying music, the commercialism, the stress and chaos, and just all the excess.

However, my new spouse has a different mindset about the matter. Jimmy tries to sneak Christmas songs in September. He gets giddy over Santa hats. And colored lights, don’t even ask.

This is our fourth Christmas together, and our first married Christmas, and I have to say that his spirit is starting to wear off on me. It isn’t even December yet, and we have the tree up, lights on the bushes, and Christmas pajamas on. This is something that would have been unheard of in my house before Jimmy.

The music still gets on my nerves, especially pop artist singing Christmas songs, and I still cringe at people discussing Black Friday and all the focus on presents. But the thing is, Christmas makes my other half really happy. “I love nothing more than to read by the light of the tree,” he says. How can I argue with that?

So, I’m starting to like Christmas. Well, like might be too strong a word, but I’m not saying Bah Humbug anymore, and there are some perks: bourbon in the eggnog (he even puts nutmeg on top) and twinkle lights when you pull into the drive at home after working long nights.

We’re always teaching each other new things…


5 thoughts on “Santa vs. Scrooge

  1. that is so sweet! and trust me, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for christmas once a little one comes along! that makes christmas so much more fun & magical!! enjoy your time together this holiday season… glad you already are! 🙂

  2. This was so sweet. I’m thrilled that he has you to share it all with! Our Christmas got rather boring after he left home! His spirit is infectious.

  3. Megan, talk to Austin. I’ve been wearing him down for a decade now, and he’s finally caught the Christmas spirit too. He even suggested this year that we get the Christmas decorations up BEFORE Thanksgiving. Fa, la, la, la…

  4. […] I’m not arguing to stop celebrating Christmas. Not at all. I am simply stating that due to the way these holidays have evolved Thanksgiving has virtues far beyond Christmas’s, yet people want to push it aside before it’s even gotten started. Give Thanksgiving a chance; it might surprise you. If you can’t agree with me, would you at least, please, not play Christmas music around me. I have an allotted amount of that music that I can take in, and I have to save it for my husband. […]

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