Gratitude Lists

Christine Kane, blogger and singer/songwriter, got me started on gratitude lists. They have single-handedly turned my perspective around on some days. I like to write them at night in bed before I go to sleep. When you’r really tired, it’s easy to only see that negative; however, you can’t when you begin to write a gratitude list. My only rule is this: there is nothing too “stupid” or small to put on a gratitude list. I’ve put my hair on my list more than once. Hey, I’ve got pretty good hair. So, in honor of Thanksgiving, write a gratitude list. I bet you can’t stop once you start. Here’s mine for today:

1. Big comfy sweaters

2. Othello, my cube mate, who always has a smile and positive attitude, and he calls me “young lady.”

3. Oyster roasts: melted butter, Texas Pete, and firepits

4. My Dad being home from China.

5. A new duvet cover (yes, I’m still talking about it!)

6. A CLEAN bathtub. Thanks, Jimmy.

7. The fall leaves crunching under my feet.

8. Bench pressing for the first time!

9. My jade plant.

10. Always, my mother’s laugh.


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