Local Yogurt, Yo!

I’ve been meaning to post about Local Yogurt for quite some time. They are a new business that makes Greenville, NC better than it was, much better.

Local Yogurt features four flavors of yogurt every week. The flavors rotate. They always have chocolate and original (my favorite!), but the other flavors range from lemon to pumpkin to raspberry. All of their flavors are delicious and are pretty healthy when you compare them to ice cream.

Here’s some of the health info. for those interested:

Nutrition Information Per Serving*
Lowfat Frozen Yogurt

Serving Size: 4oz
Fat: Less than 2g
Calories: 100
Cholesterol: 5mg
Protein: 2g
Sodium: 140mg
Sugars: 20g
Potassium: 90mg
Carbohydrate: 20g

Not too bad, and it taste soooo good.

However, the best part of the LOYO experience is the toppings! You order a flavor and can add as many flavors you want. Here’s a few:

fruity pebbles, graham crackers, strawberries, dark chocolate, every single candy bar you can think of, gummy bears, chips!, hot fudge, and some funky little Japanese marshmellows and little fruit juice balls. This just skims the surface of all the fun you can have with the toppings. I really like the original with strawberries, coconut, and dark chocolate. To die for!

Last night, Jimmy and I visited and he got six different candy bar toppings. They had to give him an extra cup for all his toppings.

I ordered the original with hot fudge and cookie dough. Yum! Jimmy added in a little of his overflowing candy bar toppings, too.

Local Yogurt is also always supporting local charities when I’ve visited them. They have a community bulletin board and seem to be really plugged into the “local” scene. It’s just a simple, great idea for dessert and a business.

If you haven’t been yet, rush there tomorrow night. LoYo is located besides the Starbuck’s by the hospital. They’re open until 10. I might see you there!

Here’s their website to find out more: http://www.localyogurt.com/

Thank goodness for new, local businesses like Local Yogurt, Dolce Vita (newly renovated wine shop with live music), and Copper & Vine (a new restaurant downtown with yummy, healthy options). There’s hope for Greenville yet!


2 thoughts on “Local Yogurt, Yo!

  1. I want some of that yogurt sooooo bad! What happened to frozen yogurt? Will it ever come back? In Carrboro there was a TCBY near our apt. I loved loved loved the pumpkin kind….i have not had it since 2002! This might call for a special trip to Greenville.

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