Pretending Parenthood

For the last thirty hours Jimmy and I were taking care of his nieces and nephew. That’s a six month old, three year old, and a six year old. If you saw a couple running through the ECU tailgating scene with two kids and panicked looks on their faces that was us. Isabella, the baby, wasn’t a football fan. However, once we got to the playground everyone was all smiles.

Watching the kids was fun, exhausting, and a total learning experience. Packing for an outing was like what we pack for a weekend!

I love kids, and I was a nanny for many years, so I have experience with kids for short periods of time (6-8 hours). Thirty hours is a whole different game.

Taking care of the three kids made me think about my own mother, who raised my two sisters and I. Last night, as I rocked crying Isabella to sleep, I listened to Jimmy bathing the other two children downstairs. I could hear them splashing and laughing. Jimmy created some game that involved the “shower monster.” Even with the baby crying it was nice. We were partners, a team, even in separate rooms. I thought about how my mom didn’t have that, and I wondered, how in the hell did she do it?

For the entire time we were with the kids, Jimmy and I were team players. I’ll change the diaper, while you watch them ride bikes? You make the bottle, while I stop the three year old from running with scissors? You wipe his nose, and I’ll rock the baby.

I could NOT imagine being a single parent. They are superhuman.

I’m so grateful to know when we do decide to have kids (several years from now) I will have a partner, a teammate. Because it takes a village!


3 thoughts on “Pretending Parenthood

  1. whoa! 3 kids is a lot to handle, especially when its not something you do everyday. and in most parents case, 3 kids is something you work your way into (unless you have triplets of course!). hats off to you & jimmy! you should get the aunt & uncle of the year award!

  2. Elizabeth, you’re right…they’ve easily won aunt and uncle of the year. Jimmy and Megan were part of the team that made a week-long vacation to Mexico possible for Austin and I. Our kids LOVE their Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Megan, and it makes me feel so good that they have such special people in their little lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Megan and Uncle Jimmy. Remember that Aunt Kristen and Uncle Austin will be happily take care of your babies (one day) so you guys can get the couple time you need too. Many hugs and kisses from all five of us!!!

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