Why Dogs Make A House Into A Home

We love our dog. I mentioned him in my wedding vows. We give him nicknames (Arturo, Art Dog, Buddy, Arthur J. Dog, etc.). We talk to him more frequently than most people. We’re a little fanatical.

I have to admit Jimmy wasn’t like this until he met me, and Arthur. He wasn’t a dog-spoiler. His family had dogs, but they kept them outside and treated them like, well, dogs for the most part. Then, he met me. One of our first little arguments was about my mom’s dog. I thought Jimmy wasn’t making enough of an effort with Cinnamon. Yes, I seriously picked a fight about this. If you’ve ever met Cinnamon, you know she’s the snobbiest, most high maintenance dog ever. You have to woe her.

This is all just to say as you read this post know that we’re a little dog crazy. I think they’re better than sliced bread. Way better.

Five Reasons Why Dogs Make a House Into a Home:

1. Dogs can turn anything into a bed. Is that wrapping paper strewn all over the floor? Looks like a nice place to lie down. Dogs can find comfort in your home just about anywhere.They know how to nestle and hunker down. That’s what a home is for, right?

2. They don’t care if it’s clean! In fact, they like it dirty.

3. They appreciate everything you cook. Arthur looooves it when we’re in the kitchen. He is practically jumping for joy. He actually does jump up quite a bit (not trained very well). Dogs make you feel like everything you cook is gourmet in your home.

4. They hold the fort down when you’re not home. Dogs keep your home company, they “protect” it, and they probably spend more time at home than you do. Of course, the only thing Arthur is going to do in terms of protection is lick someone to death.

5. Dogs make you get outside around your home. Because of Arthur, we walk around our neighborhood a lot more than we would. We talk with neighbors and other dog owners. Arthur gets us out in the community. People sometimes find it hard to approach other people, but not dogs. How many people have you struck up conversations with over your dog or their dog?

If you’re a cat person, I’m sorry…We must agree to disagree on this. Cats are like a roommate, while dogs are part of the family.

What’s the best thing about your dog? I know it’s hard to pick just one.


3 thoughts on “Why Dogs Make A House Into A Home

  1. Snuggling with warm fur is great, but the BEST part about having a dog? She gets me outside. Early morning’s are not my favorite time of day (esp. now that it’s getting chillier), but the dog must be exercised. I’m grumbling all the way to the door. But once we’re outside, to go running or to throw the ball, I hear birds chirping and look at the sky and the sun (assuming it’s out) and the trees. Bigger world stuff. I wouldn’t notice these things nearly as much if I was dog-less and kept constantly distracted by my insular, technologically-loud little world of school-teach-stress-write (rinse and repeat!). So yay for dogs!

    P.S. With you on the nicknames: Charles, Chuck, Charizard, Snarfleface (don’t ask), Madame Frog, The Mupster. The list goes on (sadly).

    • I totally agree about the getting outside benefit to dogs. I notice the weather, the birds, the weeds and flowers growing more than I would. I guess because he can’t talk, so we’re quiet out there in the mornings. I take morning duty; Jimmy takes nights.

  2. such a good post! all so true. i can’t imagine not having a little doggie in the house. our jasper does all those things that arthur does as well. 🙂

    a couple years from now, i’ll enjoy reading your post entitled, “how a baby turns a couple into a family…” 😉

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