Changing Name Part II and married life.

So, we’ve been married for exactly 12 days!

As I returned to work, I still keep getting the question from students and co-workers:

“What’s your new name?”

The conversations go a little like this:

“Mrs……um, Mrs….um. What’s your new name?”

“It’s still Roberts.”

“No, what’s your new name.”

“I kept Roberts.”

“Well, what is his name?”


Puzzled look and shaking of head.

“It blows your mind, doesn’t it?” I started to add this last part for a little humor.

I am just flabbergasted by how keeping my last name is so surprising to people. If our HR person asks me one more time about changing my last name on forms, I may combust right there. It isn’t her fault. She literally can’t wrap her mind around my choice.

Besides the name conversations, married life is great. It isn’t too different from before; however, there is a kind of peace that’s come over us. It’s hard to explain. We feel like we are finally “there”–at least for now. Relationships are always evolving and changing.

Some things that I really like about married life:

1. I can call Jimmy my huuusband. You have to say it like that.

2. Our neighbors seem to finally think we’re legit. The old ladies are friendlier now that we aren’t living in sin.

3. Seeing Jimmy wear the bling that I bought him! 😉 Put a ring on it.

4. Feeling like an official Aunt to Sydney, Braden, and Isabella Smithwick.

5. Planning all the mini honeymoons we’re going to go on!


4 thoughts on “Changing Name Part II and married life.

  1. Melissa,
    Go on {lots} of mini honeymoons BEFORE you have children…
    those disappear! 😦
    (a little un solicited advice for ya) ;).

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