Wedding Shout Outs!

Jimmy and are truly official now. The law got involved October 16th!

The process of planning this wedding has been a group/family/friend effort. However, when I actually began to see all the things the people who love us put together and made for our wedding it was overwhelming.

I’m still feeling the love….

Of course, my mom did many things, but I must mention a few: knitted a special shawl for months for me to wear (and I needed it!), arranged pick up from Whole Foods, Warren’s Farm, and a friend’s garden for all the different flowers in our bouquets, surprised me with “perfect pair” plastic keg cups. This list just touches the surface of what she did.

Jimmy’s mom: Cut the circles into books for our centerpieces (hard work!), put together the “pie team,” and planned an amazing rehearsal dinner.

Robert (mom’s sweetheart): made perfect mason jar candles that hung from ribbons off the porch, took charge of all lighting and fire pit, took so many special photos of moments I would never have caught like me seeing the shawl for the first time.

My Uncle Jim: who thought to send Jimmy and I a little fun money the week before the wedding. We SO needed it!

Chandra and Butch (Jimmy’s cousins): They labored and worked on the curtain/sheath type thing that gave me a grand entrance and hid the cars in the driveway. They spent so much time making this perfect and professional. Their sweat showed pure love.

My little niece Sydney: who made me feel like a beautiful bride when she saw me getting ready. She was mesmerized. We had some special moments over make up and hair curling.

Bobby Knowles: The man behind the curling iron. I got Bobbified!

Mary Jo, JoAnn, and Tommie (all my second moms): who baked pies, made appetizers, drove to Kinston to pick up flowers, etc. They are the dream team!

Jimmy’s Aunt Patty: Wedding Director and calm spirit.

Jimmy’s Aunt Jayme: Videographer and lots of laughs!

Elizabeth Cayton: Our photographer, who was so “with-it” and wonderful. I’ve only seen two of the photos so far, and I’m totally happy with her.

Emily Howson: for being a fully committed dancer! She rocked the reception.

There are so many more people to thank…..I may have to write a second list.

What they all gave us through their gifts and time was exactly what we wanted our wedding to be about–community and family. That’s what is important to Jimmy and I. “It was a regular barn raising!” as my Mama said.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Shout Outs!

  1. very sweet! you are so welcome – it truly was my pleasure!! you guys are so wonderful, i loved everything about your day! i’m working on the photos as fast as i can – i can’t wait for you to see them all! šŸ™‚

  2. HAHAHA. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been thanked for the jerky seizure like movements that may or may not count as dancing. I think most people pretend not to know me then, so thanks! Any time you need someone to look worse than you out on the dance floor, I’m your girl!

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