Honeymoon Pumpkin Turtle

We are honeymooning the week before our wedding at the beach. I know we’re doing it backwards, but why not?

We have done so many fun, relaxing things in just a few days in Emerald Isle. Here are a few:

1. The Mullet Festival! No, this is not the haircut…I know disappointing. Swansboro celebrates the mullet fish with vendors, crafts, greasy food, bands, etc. We bought wooden painted pieces to make a turtle pumpkin. This is one of my favorite things ever.

2. Harrika’s Brew House party. We stumbled upon the owner’s birthday party and ate free BBQ and drank cheap beer. Jimmy and I assumed this was for our honeymoon.

3. We have a hot tub at the house. Enough said.

4. Kayaking with my mom and her sweetheart. It was a beautiful day on the water (80 degrees), paddling with my sweet mom and her peaceful beau.

5. Couples Massage. Jimmy’s first massage! It was fun to see how wonderful he thought it was.

6. Riding an elevator inside the house. We’re still getting a kick out of this three days in.



One thought on “Honeymoon Pumpkin Turtle

  1. Well, very interesting. Do you know that WordPress can automatically generate “related posts” from a blog post from a completely different blog? Your post “What Other Women Have to Say …” was linked as related to the post I was reading and I followed it here. That the blogs are so completely different is amazing and a little scary. Who wrote WordPress software anyway?

    Anyway you seem like a cute kid (yes, I’m older) and I wish you happiness in your married life.

    Sara …

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