Two weeks away…what are we forgetting?

This is the question that keeps poking at me. Ice? Did we remember trashcans? Where will they go? Do we have enough of ________?

Here’s a list of a few of the things left to do. I write this to simply relieve myself a little bit. This post is completely selfish, I know. Thanks for listening.

1. Playlists for before and after band

2. Thank you gifts. Lots of them.

3. Agendas for everyone

4. Practice vows.

5. Order kegs

6. get marriage license

7. Check in with ALL vendors.

8. Add on a few chairs to ceremony

9. Nag and nag a few companies who still haven’t gotten shipments we need.

10. We are not allowed to use the S-word for the rest of the week. (Stressed). Shhhh, don’t tell that I wrote it.

We are slowly moving from excited to nervous to frantic to nostalgic to excited.

Can you tell?


The Busy Bride


One thought on “Two weeks away…what are we forgetting?

  1. Everything will work out and it will be a beautiful day. We will never know if you didn’t receive a shipment or something doesn’t work out exactly as it should. We will all enjoy celebrating you and Jimmy!

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