How’d you sleep last night?

More from the women in my life. Today’s question has to do with habits in the bedroom. Get your mind out of the gutter! Not those kinds of habits; instead, the women answered a question about their sleep habits. Some interesting answers follow.

Here’s the specific question:

Have you slept on the same sides of the bed since you met each other? Do you sleep well together? How do you handle this issue if you do not? (just sleeping, not the other stuff that happens in bed) 😉

They had some great answers:

Mom: “he’s left handed…so he sleeps on the left side of the bed (if you are looking at the bed from being in it)…that is also the side where all the clocks and alarms are…where the bedside table is. I love that he takes responsibility for setting the alarms, and taking care that our glasses are in their cases. He is wonderful with “the covers”…he throws them off with one big whoosh and then draws them back up and tucks us both under them-very neatly…being tucked in is one of my favorite things.”

I have to interject and just say how much I love my mom’s answer. I truly delight in knowing someone takes care of her in this way.

Best friend: “Yes same sides (meaning I sleep on the left and he sleeps on the right)….I always sleep closest to the door (I like the exit route) hahaha.  We sleep great together.  Key point- King bed with memory foam.  Works like a champ!!  Probably be a different answer if we didn’t have BOTH of these items.”

She’s got a point about the king-size bed. I love the escape plan! This is SO my best friend.

Family Friend: “Yes we do sleep well together, and yes we have slept on the same sides of the bed since we met. It is important to him to be on “his” side of the bed. I am flexible so that is fine.”

I like what she says about being flexible. Sides of the bed seems like one of those issues where if you don’t care much, you can compromise fairly easily. We’ve all got to appreciate compromise when it’s almost easy.

Sister: “Yes. I’ve always been on the left and him on the right. I sleep great whereas he gets woken up by my snoring. Well, sometimes he will sleep with me and when my snoring gets bad he will go to the couch.”

I appreciate her honesty and bringing up the good ‘ol issue of snoring. This is a tough one when it comes to getting sleep and sleeping with your partner. Growing up, my dad snored as loud as the ocean; it made traveling and hotel stays pretty unbearable.

Jimmy swears I don’t snore (unless I’ve had a few too many glasses of wine), so it hasn’t been much of an issue for us. Thankfully, he doesn’t snore either. Our main sleep obstacle is Arthur (our dog) jumping in the bed with us and wiggling around.

So, what do you do if you’re fighting this loud battle? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Let the non-snorer go to bed first. This allows them to fall asleep before the snoring ensues. Hopefully, they are deep sleepers!
  2. Try Breathe Right strips. I’ve heard they work.
  3. The snorer should try different sleeping positions. Sometimes this can be a fix. I also think it’s okay for the non-snorer to give the snorer a little nudge to “fix” their position, so the snoring might lessen.
  4. Ear plugs? I don’t know that I could sleep with these in though.
  5. Look into a C-PAP. It looks funny, but it worked for my dad.
  6. If nothing else works, I guess you could cuddle, talk, etc. in bed together, and when it finally came time to sleep, you could go to separate rooms?

If you have advice to add and are more experienced on this issue, please post it here.

Thanks to all the women for their honest, thought-provoking answers. More to come…


3 thoughts on “How’d you sleep last night?

  1. We go through stages where we sleep really good together and then stages where neither one of us can sleep well and when that happens we switch sides of the bed. It really seems to help. This happens every couple of months. I really think we just need a new mattress. We definitely don’t have a memory foam or a king size bed and I think that’s our problem.

    • Switching sides of the bed is a great idea that we’ve actually thought about too. I like what you said about going through phases as well, especially when our schedules are changing. Thanks, Sara!

    • Sara, We kinda do the same thing. I always sleep on the left, him the right. But every couple months we switch sides-usually just for a night or two. We have a comfy bed but it’s only a queen. I definitely think a king would help because I like to spread out!

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