What Other Women Have to Say….

So, in the next few blogs, I am going to share a question that I proposed about living-together life and  answers from several wonderful women that are also in long-term relationships– some married, some not. I found their answers to be intriguing, sweet, insightful and funny at times.

My first question goes back to what I pondered in a previous post about cleaning.

Question 1: How do you handle cleaning duties with your partner? Is he funny about how certain things are cleaned?

Answer 1 (my mom): “he’s a guy who is “aware” of clean..he sees things that need to be done…this is a huge + he also wants to be a “helper”, at night when chores need to be completed before we go to bed he says, “okay, what do we need to do for tomorrow…or so we can go to bed”…if for some reason my part takes longer, he does not lay down…he comes to me and says…you’re still working, give me something else to do. He’s super aware of how clean the coffee pot is…i’ll just rinse it out…he scrubs it before he sets it up for the next day…he even has a special solution he uses to clean it.”

Answer 2 (my best friend): “There are certain things I clean (kitchen, bathroom) b/c he hates to do this.  There are certain things he does(vacuum and laundry) b/c I don’t do it.  I think our workload is divided evenly b/c we do what we like.  He LOVES yard work.  Works for us 🙂  He would love to load the dishwasher every time.  Why???? There is just two of us (not many dirty dishes) so I clean dishes.”

Answer 3 (family friend): “Wes is VERY neat, much neater than I, and is a great cleaner. He does have a way of doing everything which is not always my way. But if he is willing to do it who am I to argue! He does have a specific way of loading the dishwasher!”

Answer 4 (my sister): “He is a real neat-freak about vacuuming and having the kitchen clean. We both share cleaning which is good. But I know his pet peeves about dirt on the floor or any type of crumbs on the table. He can’t stand it if I don’t put the milk back or leave something to later clean-up. Then he’ll end up just doing it.”

So, the most amazing part of these answers is that almost all the men are NEAT, and the women in their lives see it and appreciate it. I was excited to see so many people in marriages or long-term relationships that have figured out their household duties. Men get such a bad rap for not helping with cleaning, so maybe these answers are proof that gender roles are shifting in households, and men are holding their own.

I look forward to hearing your own answers to this question.

More answers from the ladies on other living-together questions to come….


3 thoughts on “What Other Women Have to Say….

  1. i’m feeling like i got the short end of the stick after reading everyone else’s responses… my hubby will help, but it takes me being very specific as to what needs done (as well as some pleading) before he actually gets around to it. talk about frustrating!!

  2. As far a cleaning our tiny apartment, it has not been that big of an issue. We are both pretty good at keeping it clean. As I look around and see a pile of laundry in the corner and dog toys everywhere its reminding me that its that time again. I usually will clean the carpet, dust, adn wipe down counters things like that. Pretty much everything but the bathroom. He does the bathroom because I despise doing it. He is the best!!!

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