Holy Pottery!

When faced with the predicament of a bridal shower, I knew what I didn’t want:

1. Hard back chairs with lace tablecloths

2. Lemonade or any drink without a spike!

3. Opening presents and making people ohh and ahh over serving spoons.

4. A corsage

No offense if you’ve participated in any of these fundamentals in your own shower, but they’re just not for me. The thought of the entire spotlight on me AND opening gifts that I picked out seemed, well, like a nightmare.

Instead, I picked something pretty random— a paint-her-pottery shower. I’m not that crafty, so I had no idea what to expect going in.  I just knew it would be an activity and that I’m sentimental, so I’d like to have anything that the wonderful women in my life would make for me.

The shower was wonderful. The Accidental Artist went above and beyond, seriously. They had Best Wishes and my name written all over the place (in really cute handwriting) even outside on a whiteboard to greet me. They were also insanely patient with all of our questions about painting. They made us all feel special.

Yesterday, I picked up the finished, glazed pieces. You can’t fully envision pottery before it’s put in the kiln, so I was blown away when I saw the artwork, yes, artwork. Not only are they special pieces because the people I loved made them, but they are kick ass!

I can’t stop looking at them. It’s a little ridiculous. Jimmy will be talking about our plans for the beach this weekend, and I will say, “Can you believe that platter Suzanna made? It’s gorgeous. We’re going to eat our Thanksgiving turkey off of that for the rest of our lives.” Then I tear up.

Along with the shower, the Accidental Artist throws in a “wedding plate.” When they first proposed this idea to me, I have to admit that it sounded a little stuffy. Why do I need a plate for my wedding? I was so so so wrong. Mackenzie, the manager, asked me some questions about our wedding, and I told her we were having pie instead of cake. Well, she ran with it. This plate is so customized, detailed, and special. You just have to see the photo. On the back she has everyone’s thumbprints that attended the shower, which she turned into little faces. When I went to pick it up, I was flabbergasted. She’s an amazing artist and person. You can just tell she loves to make people happy.

The point of this blog isn’t about my wedding or showers though. I mention the pottery shower because having these “things”, material things, make my house feel more like a home. When I pick up my coffee mug that Rebecca, my friend from third grade (who shared an unfortunate bowl haircut with me), made me, it will remind me of her. She’s a part of my home. Of course, we will receive gifts that we picked out from stores for our registry, which we will truly appreciate, I promise! However, these aren’t just gifts to me; they are treasures in our home. These “things” create a certain mood or feeling in our house that goes beyond surface materials.

Christine Kane, a great songwriter and blogger, says you shouldn’t have anything in your own home that isn’t absolutely beautiful and/or necessary to you. I have to say, I agree.

Life isn’t about surface or material things, but the truth is “things” can carry mood, emotion, and memory with them. I look forward to pulling out the mixing bowl my mom painted me to make cookies for our kids (one day).


6 thoughts on “Holy Pottery!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Becky. I am a huge Christine Kane fan. She’s an amazing woman.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pottery. I’ve put primrose and rosemary in the teapot, which is now on display on my kitchen counter. It’s lovely.

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