Called Up a Farmer

I went to the Spring Run Market yesterday for just a little while since I also had my first bridal shower yesterday! The pottery shower at The Accidental Artist was seriously amazing. The women who work there are phenomenal. They made everything so organized and special. You need to go in there and check them out. Ask for Mackenzie—she’s the best!

However, beforehand I went to the market to check out some organic meat, and I wanted to visit Brother’s farm, who I heard raised and sold organic flowers. I was curious to ask them about flowers for our upcoming wedding. The Market was just a few green canopies put together so finding Brother’s was not a problem. The guy behind the table was giving a small boy a little cherry tomato as I walked up. It was just too cute. How often does your local Harris Teeter give your kid a tomato? They give them sugar cookies.

Anyways, it turned out that the guy at Brother’s was the son of Warren, the farmer. He said, “My dad is on a really boring road trip. Why don’t you just call him up about your flowers. He’d love to get a call.” So, I called Warren, the farmer. He couldn’t have been nicer. Warren loves his flowers. It is apparent by the sound of his voice when he names them. He’ll have sunflowers, zinnias, and gladiolas in October and “wouldn’t you like to come on out to the farm to check them out?” Yes, I would.

So, I am getting local flowers for my wedding now. Whatever is in season. It’s nice to just let Mother Nature make the decision.

I also bought a pound of fresh shrimp from Shore to Door and a pound of organic ground beef from Nooherooka. I was delighted to meet little Nel at Nooherooka who draws on the paper bags your meat comes wrapped in. I got a palm tree on mine! I get overly happy when I hear a young girl with the name Nel since it is my mother’s name.

Dinners this week are going to be a step up! Not to mention some blueberries from Gale Farm in Farmville, NC. The woman at their booth was so tickled by my $2.50 purchase that I want to go back just for the reaction.

Here are some photos from Spring Run Market:


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