Yoga and Bowling

Tonight my mom invited me to her yoga sangha group, and I was excited to do something out of the norm. Lately, I seem to mainly work, workout, and work on the wedding. A group of intellectual beings sounded great.

The yoga sangha group, to the extent that I understand it, is a group of like-minded people who get together, do yoga, and then discuss a “spiritual” reading. Tonight, I only made it to the discussion part of the meeting. Don English, a local yoga teacher, leads the group. His reading tonight was from a recent conference he attended. I want get into a long summary of the reading or conference (because I don’t know enough to do so), but I’ll give you some of the best/main points and quotes from Olga Garcia, the speaker.

1. Olga says that our anxiety in life comes from our attachments to things, outcomes of our actions, things that are temporary (everything), and basically the external world of professional/economic importance. We attach ourselves to these things and become addicted in a way to these attachments.

2. Part of why we hold on to these attachments is fear of death. To let go of these things is to accept that we are temporary in the external world. “But what we fear the most is the painful process of giving up self-concepts, each of the attachments, in order to move on. To give up the old and step into the new is to die.” This last part is really interesting to me. The concept that to change, to step into the new, we have to let go and “die” in a way. In this way, life is constantly preparing us for the largest letting go–death.

3. If you find this morbid, that’s part of the point of this talk, or the point. Why do we find death so morbid? It’s not separate or opposite from life at all.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. It’s all something I’m processing now.

That was all heavy and good, but now let’s talk bowling!

Jimmy and I are trying to budget are money, and on Wednesday nights the bowling alley has a great special: $5 entry, $1 shoes, $1 game. We bowled two games, knowing that neither one of us is any good that first round. On the way to bowling, Jimmy let me know that our record against each other was Megan:4, Jimmy:1. I had no idea I was the champion bowler in our relationship until this moment. The pressure was on!

Before I give you the results, I have to tell you about something I became even more grateful for tonight while bowling. My husband-to-be doesn’t get all testosterone hyped up when I do well or beat him at sports. We cheer each other on. I think this bodes well for us if I do say so myself.

Jimmy won the first game by a landslide, I think. I can’t remember because I was to mesmerized by the smell of fried onion rings surrounding us. I crept up and won the second game! Whew. My record is still somewhat intact.

So, bowling and spiritual discussions sound like they go together like peanut butter and ham but truthfully they made for a refreshing night. Thanks, yoga sangha. Thanks, clown bowling shoes.


3 thoughts on “Yoga and Bowling

  1. I was going to leave this comment on Jimmy’s facebook (where I saw your blog) but decided it was better to leave it straight with you!
    Have you read much eastern philosophy? Sounds like they were touching on that a bit. I have done yoga for a while and reading up on the philosophy is really helpful. ‘Ruling your world” by Mipham does a really good job of explaining the philosophy of letting go and it is a VERY easy read too (cheezy title though!) Good luck!
    Melissa (of Chad and Melissa 😉 )

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I will try to check the book out. They were definitely touching on eastern philosophy. It is something I would like to learn more about. Are you doing yoga in Greenville? I had a great studio in Raleigh but haven’t yet started here in Greenville. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    • Yes, I am in the same predicament. I had a GREAT studio in Phoenix and a pretty good one in Chapel Hill and have done some web searches here but didn’t see anything I was interested in and started doing my own practices. Do you know of any studios here? Let me know and maybe we can try some out together (if we find any 🙂 )

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