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The Spring Run Market in Greenville is pretty great. The thing is so many people don’t know about it. If you want to make this town work for you, especially if you are a liberal, writer, kind of hippy chick, then you have to keep your eyes wide open. Here is a description of the wonderful Spring Run Market, which I stole from their website:

I think it’s really important we support this kind of concept in our community. How did Pike Place Market start? At some point, it had to be just a little market on the water in Seattle. Right? I have no idea if that’s true, but the point is every great establishment in our community starts somewhere. I think participating in community is part of putting down roots and making a home. Suburbia makes it too easy to get away from the idea of the village. Get out there and meet your village!

Here’s more information on Spring Run Market and its vendors. Organic honey, fresh herbs, Organic coconut chocolate brownies! What else do you need? Check it out!

Spring Run Market and Arlington Village present
The Village Local Market!

<!– –Get ready for the kick-off event starting in September
Fall Pirate Invasion! —> Come join us

in 2010 for



and enjoy all

things local!!
Our open-air markets feature: local farms’ fresh foods, including meats, produce and dairy; whole and sprouted grain baked goods; locally produced canned goods; locally roasted coffees; seasonal local honey; yummy samples of our farms’ and vendors’ foods; local herbs, plants, and flowers; hands-on activities for the kids (spring and summer markets); and locally-produced non-food wares, with our Summer theme for the whole family!

May feature: local health-related businesses; local crafts and seasonal items; demos for cooking and recipes; workshops for health, nutrition, and the environment; face-painting, live music; Arlington Village shops, and more!
Come on out and support your local farms and businesses!!

JULY 31ST LINE-UP This market will be at the Tipsy Teapot, NOT Arlington Village

Spring Run Booth:
–FRESH Educational Workshop from 11-12 –Info on our market, including our ordering system at Local Dirt!
–Sign-up and info on our newest bulk order offer, To Your Health Sprouted Grain Flours, Spring Run’s answer to wheat and grain allergies!
–Sprouted grain organic baked goodies for sale, including chocolate coconut brownies and chocolate chip cookies!
–Organic, local, and nutritional info such as: Slow Food Down East, Holistic Moms, “FRESH, The Movie”, Michael Pollan, Sally Fallon, Mercola, Jordan Rubin, “Got to Be NC” and more!
–Bring your favorite recipes, to contribute to our new Cookbook project, where you can have your original and converted recipes published in our 2010 Greenville Community Cookbook


*NEW* Loftin’s Berries
We introduced their organically grown blueberries last market…now come and try their organically grown Muscadine Grapes!

*NEW* Shore to Door Seafood
Offering the finest local seafood around, licensed fisherman and owner Ashley Bleau runs a quality operation–come check out their selection of fish and shellfish, caught daily. (Pre-ordering encouraged, see orders page)

*NEW* Local Yogurt
With storefront locations in Raleigh, Durham and Greenville, this natural yogurt vendor creates frozen yogurt with fresh and fun toppings! Come on out and sample their “good and good for you” yogurt–perfect for this hot Saturday Market!

*NEW* Three Ladies and a Cake! (tentative)
These ladies will bake up delectable goodies made from wholesome and organic ingredients, provide samples at the market, and will take custom orders–providing this market
Banana Apple Nut Bread, Cranberry Apple Nut Bread, and Chocolate Pie! (Pre-ordering encouraged, see orders page)

<!– NEW! Baked Goods, by Anne Marie
Offering a selection of delectable baked breads, made from freshly ground whole wheat berries, local eggs, and local honey!
(See orders page for pre-ordering)

–> <!– Plant and See Nursery
With 35 years experience, stop by to shop a selection from Greenville’s most famous nursery, including spring plants, flowers, and herbs!

–> <!—In the Red Farm
Our wonderful Goat Cheese farm, featuring a wide array of flavors of goat cheese tubs, logs, and rounds, plus cheese cakes and seasonal items. Come out and sample Nathan’s layout at the market, featuring a nice sampling of his flavors! Really quality operation.
(pre-ordering encouraged, see orders page)

—> <!—Just For Kids:
We will have a Bean Bag Toss and other games set up for kids to play while you shop! Small toy prizes and balloons to be given out!

–> Be Nourished In His Hands Farm and Retreat
Local Dairy, Organic Sourdough Baked Goods, Free-range-Eggs, and freshly ground flours and oatmeal -Mary Margaret’s baked goods, including loaf breads and English muffins, are all made from organic freshly ground whole wheat berries!
(Must place orders for products, see orders page)

<!—Rainbow Meadows (Local All Natural Chicken, Pork,
Lamb and Eggs)

Come on out and meet the Pridgens, and have Jeff and Genell answer all your questions about how they naturally raise their animals at their wonderful farm in Snow Hill! (Pre-ordering required, see orders page)

—>Jones Produce Farm:
A transitional organic farm…Robert Jones knows how to grow the best! Check out his Summer Savings with 6 great box specials!
His summer list now includes Personal Seedless and Full sized Watermelons, Canteloupes, German Johnson “Heirloom” Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, New Potatoes, Cucumbers, Collards, Yellow Squash, and more!
(See orders page for pre-ordering)

Barnette’s Bees
Prince Barnette is back, with her famous raw honey! Sold in glass jars, her honey is the finest quality around. Check out her article online in July issue of “HER” magazine!

Brothers Farm
Organically grown summer produce out of Snow Hill, NC. Warren’s list includes full sized Watermelons, Figs, String Beans, Yellow Squash, Green and Red leaf Lettuce, Field Peas, Poblano and Cayenne Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes PLUS a selection of fresh herbs! Thyme, Basil (See orders page for pre-ordering)

<!– Powell’s Local Honey
Fresh, raw locally produced honey will be for sale in 16 oz plastic squeeze bottles and 16 oz glass Queenline jars, pint jars, quart jars and 5 lb jugs!!

—> <!—Nooherooka Natural (Local All Natural Beef)
Come on out and meet Ossie and Mary Betty Kearney of Snow Hill, and let them explain how they raise their beef naturally, as their slogan is
(Pre-ordering required, see orders page)

—>Tar River Coffee
Locally roasted, organic and fair trade, these coffees will have the biggest coffee snobs scrambling for more!! (
(See orders page for pre-ordering)
For more info on their overseas support, go to

Celestine Ridge Alpaca Products:
Locally raised Alpacas provide fleece for fiber to produce Alpaca yarn, clothing items such as scarves and socks, needle-felted animal ornaments, and much more!
(pre-ordering required, this vendor does not attend every market)

< Petals and Produce
Spring Run will have for sale at the market a variety of salsas, sauces, jams and butters, pickles and relishes, made from all fresh ingredients from the Van Staalduinen’s farm, homemade in Little Washington!
(See orders page for pre-ordering)

<!—Chandler & Sons Honey
Fresh, raw locally produced honey! Pre-ordering encouraged as supplies are limited!
(See orders page for pre-ordering)

—> <!– “Touch Matters”
Rosalie Jacobi Hutchens, BFA, LMBT, NCTMB (license # 5792), will be there to massage your cares away! She will actually be set up to give you a relaxing therapeutic massage (between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm), as Rosalie specializes in Structural Integration and Stress/Pain Relief. Touch Matters is located at 710-D, Cromwell Dr. in Greenville.

—> <!– Brock’s Berries
Providing PUMPKINS and GOURDS, and fresh, raw, locally-produced HONEY! Please be sure to pick up info about their amazing Pirate Corn Maze (, located behind their re-located newly rennovated barn, that can be rented for parties and outdoor events! (

–> <!– NEW! Poppy’s Cottage
Introducing our new homemade baked goods provider! Paula Poppe bakes all her breads from organic ingredients, including freshly ground whole grain organic berries, and she sweetens with honey. She will have a variety of scrumptious breads for sale!

—> <!– –L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) Program:
A certified LEAN coach and diet technician, Debbie Davis, will be there to demonstrate and answer any questions about her transforming 6-week program, which is designed to teach parents to teach their kids in fun and innovative ways to eat healthy for life!

—> <!– Live music!
Not sure if we are getting anyone out into the cold, but we are still trying!!

–> <!– –Michelle’s Mouthwatering Baked Goods:
Made from freshly ground whole wheat berries, her scrumptious breads and delectable cinnamon rolls, among other fare, will have you coming back for more!

—> <!– –Andrea’s Amazing Baked Creations
Those of you who sampled or purchased Andrea’s creations in May know how delicious her artisan breads are…We hope to have a list of what will be available by Monday, so check back!

–>Pirate’s Popcorn!
We’re not talking about messy, old movie house popcorn. Oh, no! This is popcorn to the extreme— fresh, flavored popcorn that makes your mouth water!! (

<!– Vic’s Aluminum Wire Crafts
wine stoppers, suncatchers, pendants/ornaments, plant and yard stakes, wine bottle/glass decor

–>Rise and Shine Handcrafted Stools and Plaques
Frank will have different school colors available at the market for sale– Can be personalized with names/initials– order any colors/personalization you choose! Makes a great gift!


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