Tipsy Tea

Speaking of people making good changes in food and this town, Tipsy Teapot is front and center. Tipsy Tea sells lots of organic and local food. It also is one of the few restaurants with several AMAZING vegetarian options. I love their hummus, black bean salad, and mushroom sandwich.

Anyways, Tipsy Teapot is showing a film that gets right to this point about food. Here’s the info:

July 27th 6-8:30

Spring Run Market and the Tipsy Teapot are co-sponsoring a showing of the film


in Greenville tomorrow!

Come try our meatball and watermelon samplers at 6:00 while you pick up your handouts! Film starts at 6:30, and at 7:40,  a panel of speakers (including a beef farmer, a produce farmer, a politician and health food store owner, a consumer and more)

plus door prizes will top off the film event!

Come see this eye-opening film of how the industrialization and lack of sustainability of our food production has harmed our health, environment, and economy. It also demonstrates, through engaging profiles of farmers, vendors, nutritionists, and economists, what we can do to change this terrible trend!


for anyone who cares about how this trend is being reversed, and what you can do to help!!

This makes me question how bad could my hometown be? This is good stuff going on.


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