Cleanliness is so not next to godliness

At least I hope it’s not.

As Jimmy and I start to make our first home officially ours, we deal with cleaning, who is going to clean what and when, and what is clean enough for the both of us. That last one on the list is the most difficult to reconcile because we both clean; however, I clean more often with a quicker hand, while Jimmy cleans less often, but does deep down cleaning when he does. I shouldn’t say he cleans less often, because he does do a lot of the dishes, which I hate!

We’ve asked lots of other couples about this issue, and it seems to be a problem or source of conflict for almost all of them. I think it’s in some ways newly chartered territory for married couples. So many women work full-time jobs and are outside of the home now that cleaning has become everyone’s job in a household. I think equality is great. I’m all for it, but it does create more challenges when you’re not following the “script of gender roles.”

So far, we’ve tried to split up certain areas of the house into “his” cleaning area and “her” cleaning areas. For example, I clean the hardwood floors because I’m anal about them, while he cleans the bathrooms. I do more laundry, while he does dishes. That kind of thing. It seems to work better than our previous system, which was no system at all.

Anyone else have a great way of splitting household duties?

One thing we share beautifully is dog duty! We both walk and feed Arthur. I walk and feed in the morning, and Jimmy has afternoon duty. This is one of those small things that I really enjoy about living together, not sure why, but it feels nice to share my dog with him.


5 thoughts on “Cleanliness is so not next to godliness

  1. What worked for us, for twelve years:

    I’m the anal cleaner. Everything in its place.

    But most people can’t live like that. So:

    We made a list of “must do”s. My husband took about 3/5, and I took 2/5. Anything left over that drove me nuts, I took care of (it was my deal, afterall).

    Don’t know if it helps, but it worked for us, and our house was clean. 🙂

    Hope you’re well!

  2. Thanks, Stacey. That is good advice. I think if you know you’re the clean freak then you have to just let go and kind of accept that you’re going to do that meticulous work. I like the fraction breakdown though. It makes it feel more official! Great to hear from you. I hope you are fantastic.

  3. Being accepting of each other’s strengths and weaknesses is living with the truth. This also divides the work more evenly and more enjoyably. A lack of acceptance usually creates a lot of work/or a lot of words for the unaccepting party. So can I accept my coffee a little weaker than I would like, or do I want to make it myself everyday??

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