Shit Gets Real: Putting the Labor in Labor Day

Mae has her first cold. She’s pitiful and cranky. I’m tired.

Then she surprised me with a shit-plosion that she flailed herself around in, which required a shower, and she was also hungry and tired during this spray down. Fun times.

Then, as Jimmy was putting her down for the much-needed nap, I went outside to pick up and grabbed a bottle of bubbles and the top wasn’t on and bubbles spilled ALL OVER the table. Icing on the cake.

I’m now listening to 2Pac and drinking some wine and trying to get my game-face on for post-nap time.



WW2D? What Would 2Pac Do?

Shit Gets Real: An Ode to the End of Constipation

Twas the night before the first day of school and all through the house, not a creature was stirring,
Except the mouse, the bat, two dogs, and a cat.
When all of a sudden, there rose such a ruckus,
I rose from my couch, beer in hand, to see what the fuss was.
And, who should I find at the top of the stairs,
But my youngest sweetheart complaining of pain in her underwears.
Patiently and gingerly, I checked her distress,
Only to find in her pants, was a good little mess.
On and off through the night, little sweetheart did suffer,
Till the morning light brought hope for a poopie and the official end to summer.
At 9:30AM, the sounds of delight started ringing,
Little sweetheart had success, and finally she was grinning.
From my very cool and talented sister-in-law, Kristen Smithwick. Good luck with your first week back to school!

Tell A Mom Tuesdays: Working from Home

We all know this photo is bullshit, right? That baby would be all over the keyboard and/or spitting up on it.

We all know this photo is bullshit, right? That baby would be all over the keyboard and/or spitting up on it.

Many women dream of working from home. It seems like the perfect world–you get to keep your career but have more time with your kids. Sometimes, working from home might turn into that equation. However, I think it’s an extremely difficult balance. The lines between work and home are blurred. You never quite leave, but you’re never all the way there. I imagine working from home isn’t the relaxing, pajama-clad dream that most of us think about.

I got to witness one mother working from home when I helped take care of Mollie Doll’s two boys. She was wearing both of her hats (working and mothering) almost all the time. At the time, her office was her bedroom. She worked while I played with her boys, but she could hear them. They knew she was there, so of course, they interrupted her constantly.

I listened to her navigate important business calls with a three year old banging around Hot Wheels at her ankles.

And the thing is, almost always, Mollie handled her boys with love and patience. She switched roles just about seamlessly. She didn’t make it look easy, but I knew she was thankful for her two different roles. She made it look possible. One reason she was able to do this was Mollie gave up some control. She trusted me. I think her trust in others and her boys really helped her to work from home. It was wonderful to watch.

I salute you mamas who work from home!

I thank you, Mollie Doll, for showing me a wonderful example of motherhood.

#tellamom today!


Shit Gets Real: too real to take a photo

“Ok. Do I need a picture of shit gets real? Because I had to deal with the shit when it happened and couldn’t get a picture. But Evelyn decided she wanted to glue beads together and got out crazy glue (industrial strength) and as she was opening it and it burst and spilled all over her entire thigh. And she literally had a chemical reaction and I had to pour pure acetone on her to stop it. It was insanity. Shit. Got. Real.”

Everyone survived…send me your stories too because often shit is too real to take a photo.

Blindsided by a Bathtub

baby tub

It’s funny the moments that actually make me sad or pause about Mae growing up and getting bigger. It’s never the ones that are meant to. She turned six months old on Friday, August 15th, and I felt celebratory about it. She learned to roll over both ways last week, and she is inch-worming around this week. None of these milestones hit me. But then, she outgrew her baby bathtub. She’s been in the same reclining, lay-down tub since she was born. Last week, my sister gave me a little seat for the bathtub. I thought surely Mae couldn’t sit up in it yet, so I just tried it for kicks. Oh, she could sit in it, and she loved it. And just like that, no more baby bathtub.

new chair

Jimmy and I were both blindsided by how sad we felt about retiring her first bathtub. I think it’s for a few reasons. For one thing, babies grow out of clothes every few weeks, at least ours has, and they are always changing. But she has had this same bathtub for six months. It’s been a constant. The main reason I think it’s hard to let go of, though, is the bath was one place, even during the terrible colicky months, that Mae was happy. Some days, bath time was our only happy time with Mae. So that little tub holds some of our greatest memories during her early months.


The old, little tub meant she had to look up at us. She couldn’t play with toys, really. Now she is facing out and sitting up. She immediately started splashing and playing. I love to see her thrilled by the world, but I also want to keep her as just mine.

4 Mistakes I Made in Labor

Happy Labor Day!

1. Pandora: I didn’t pay for the no-commercial version before labor, and all I wanted was to listen to Mavis Staples and the Deepak Chopra channel. And if you’ve ever been in labor, it’s like you are in a trance, and nothing breaks that trance like a commercial about the new Lexus…this was a fail.

2. Family: we called them waaaay tooooo early. My labor lasted 30 hours. These poor people were up for about 24 hours waiting on Mae’s arrival, which meant they were worn out too.

3. Shots: I had horrible back labor. I don’t wish back labor on my worst enemy (I don’t think I have one of these). Mae was not in an optimal position, so they wanted me to stay in this position on my side. This felt impossible because I couldn’t stay still, so the midwife gave me several shots in my back of water??? I’m not sure what it was, but it hurt like hell!!! It felt like a bee sting times 50. I should have just gotten an epidural at this point.

4. Declining Pain Meds: after having a c-section, major surgery, I decided I didn’t need pain meds because I was breastfeeding and didn’t want to pass on meds to Mae. The huge error of this decision was not made apparent until I stood up for the first time. Holy pain! I couldn’t get the meds fast enough after that.

All that said, I look back on Mae’s birth fondly. Our team of providers, made my c-section special. I got skin-to-skin time with Mae. The nurses took such good care of us. My husband was a huge support. So these are four mistakes amongst many, many triumphs.